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Brothers Bar & Grill was founded in 1990 in La Crosse, WI. Our founding "Brothers" opened their first bar in downtown La Crosse - right out of college - and have grown our family-owned locations throughout the country. We take our work seriously but we also take a serious poke at having fun too. It's part of that whole wacky existential vibe that makes up the Brothers culture. We're a modernized throwback to the old Midwestern corner tavern. A clean, relaxed social hangout; our bar is stock-full of cold beer and drinks with a kitchen in the back serving up comfortable American food fare. Food portions are large and juicy; drink prices are good and plenty. A lot of televisions and not a bad seat in the house. It's hard to imagine you won't leave here satisfied!



We just feel your beer of choice should begin with your choice of beer. So we have a pretty large tap system at Brothers. Thirty-five to 40 taps of new, favorite and standby drafts chilled and ready to pour. Of course, we also have a wide liquor selection with everything you feel like sipping, rail to top shelf.

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We love our food menu. Big, basic bar comfort food is probably the best way to describe it. Nothing too dificult to pronounce (unless the word "magnanimous" stumps you) and a lot to choose from. Over 20 appetizers, 11 sandwiches, 4 fresh wraps, 10 burgers and still more. Much of what we serve is made-from-scratch, and we practically won't let you leave the place without trying our 100% Wisconsin beer battered cheese curds. Hot and melt-in-your-mouth good!

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